It is reported that hackers sent Sony Pictures employees letters threatening their family members. The attackers call themselves “Guardians of Peace”.

The hacking of the Sony Pictures Entertainment website occurred on November 24 – then the attackers stole information about 47 thousand Sony employees, as well as data related to celebrities. Now the hackers have made themselves felt again. All threatening letters contained the same text.

In addition, hackers posted photos of the company’s CEO Michael Lynton and Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal on the Internet with threats against these figures. Sony Pictures has officially confirmed the information about the threatening messages of hackers. At the moment, work is underway with law enforcement agencies.Sony Pictures Entertainment is a film company from the United States engaged in the production and distribution of television programs and films. Sony Pictures Entertainment is part of the parent company Sony Corporation.

Experts believe that the attack could have been organized by hackers from the DPRK working from China.

Earlier it was also reported about the creation of a secret Bureau 121 in North Korea, the purpose of which is hacker attacks on the United States and South Korea. Representatives of the DPRK refute all of the above.