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Cut Emissions And Save Money With A Hybrid Car

A hybrid car will struggle to match the raw power of a conventional vehicle. However, performance isn’t bad either with many small hybrids posting around 150bhp beneath the bonnet which should be more than adequate for running around town, nipping down to the shops or dropping the kids to school. There are also some excellent hybrid cars on the market now.


The main advantage of hybrid cars is that you get the best of both worlds. You get the clean efficiency of electric power which has no emissions and is quiet. You also have a conventional engine so you don’t have to worry about covering long distances.

While the technology is still relatively new, most major car manufacturers now have hybrid models that are as safe and reliable as any conventional car, and in some cases even more so.

Hybrid cars do cost a little more than conventional vehicles but hybrid owners find out that they easily recoup that money and more in just a few years. Hybrids work out cheaper for a number of reasons.


To start with you will save significantly on fuel costs, and the more that the price of oil rises the greater these savings will be. You can easily get 30 extra miles per gallon from a hybrid compared to a conventional car. How, much you save every year will depend on your mileage, but for most people it is in the region of hundreds of pounds. There are also other savings to be made. You can also get a discount on the cost of low-emission cars through the Government in the form of a grant.

Whether a hybrid car will save you money will depend on how you use it. Those who clock up high mileage every year will make the biggest savings. However, if you clock anything above 10,000 miles a year a hybrid should make good financial sense as the fuel costs will save you money in the long run.

A few years ago, anyone looking to buy a hybrid car was limited in choice. However, that has changed with Toyota, Honda, Ford, Lexus and more top car manufacturers releasing quality hybrid models. And since hybrids first began appearing on the market in 2000, the technology has continued to improve and any early teething pains seem to have been ironed out.

If you are looking for the greenest car on the market, the Toyota Prius or the Honda Civic hybrids are the best choices for you. Other models offer better power and acceleration but higher emissions.

The number of people driving hybrids is increasing steadily and they are likely to account for a much higher proportion of vehicles on the nation’s roads in coming years. Manufacturers are constantly exploring new ways to fuel hybrids more efficiently and to reduce emissions further, so they will only get better.

10 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car

  1. Made of lightweight materials hybrids are small in size. The engine is designed to be fuel-efficient. When the car halts at a signal, the engine will automatically shut down and restart when the car shifts into gear.
  2. These cars have the advantage of being powered by a petrol engine and an electric motor that takes care of acceleration.
  3. The batteries of the electric motor recharge automatically by harnessing the kinetic energy produced during braking.
  4. Hybrid car engines produce less emission, give better mileage, idle less, and are fuel-efficient.
  5. The aerodynamic design reduces drag and the tires are made of a special rubber that reduces friction.
  6. The battery has high capacity and is made of nickel-metal-hydride. The battery can run the hybrid when called for.
  7. The power-train technology enables using two power sources and enhances fuel efficacy.
  8. There are many choices. You can have a hybrid from BMW, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Nissan.
  9. If your transportation of choice is a hybrid then the UK Government will applaud your choice by giving you a discount on the cost from new.
  10. Using a hybrid means you are active in ensuring the air is clean and that you are a concerned citizen who wishes to save fuel which is precious.

Before buying a hybrid car, it is recommended to do in-depth research on hybrids, the pros and cons. Talk to manufacturers and owners. Test drive the different makes and check which one would suit your lifestyle. Some hybrids are ideal for city driving while others are more efficient on open roads.

Even if the buying price is steep the fuel that you save along with other incentives make a hybrid a good and sensible choice.

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