Owners of iPhones and iPads have faced cases of their devices being blocked by intruders. Has the hacker attack already reached our country ? last week, several cases were recorded in Russia.

However, most of the cases occurred in Australia. Such an impression, however, may be due to the activity of English-speaking users. Despite such large-scale hacks, Apple has not yet commented on the situation.

How do hackers hack smartphones? One of the attackers, for example, used the standard Apple Find My Phone application for this, which serves to search for and block stolen mobile devices. After the hacker gained unauthorized access to the program, he blocked the device, and then began sending the user a request to transfer 55 pounds (approximately 92 US dollars) via PayPal to the screen.

However, one can only guess about the methods of hackers gaining access to smartphone management.

The Australian government, on its website dedicated to IT security, suggested that an attack could potentially occur by selecting a password for an Apple ID account. That is why users are advised to change the password, and moreover, to make it different from the passwords used on other resources.

Kaspersky Lab antivirus expert Viktor Chebyshev also shared his opinion on how hackers hack mobile devices. In his opinion, the attackers use Apple’s proprietary Find My Phone function, having previously learned the user name (Apple ID) and password in iCloud. Obtaining such information is possible as a phishing method (directing the user to fake sites where entering this data is required) so it is due to the selection of the user’s password.

Of course, the risk of data leakage increases both the use of the same password on different Internet resources, and the use of poorly protected auxiliary electronic mailboxes (after hacking them, a fraudster can go through the procedure of password recovery from iCloud). In addition, password theft with the help of malware is also possible.