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    Easter Giveaway – Win a £50 Amazon Voucher

    There is nothing like that British springtime feeling of sleet smashing you in the face! So the British weather may be letting us down, so why not enter our giveaway to win a £50 Amazon Voucher. You can spend it on chocolate, purchase items from an animal charity wishlist, or even an umbrella! There are plenty of ways to enter; simply scroll down to the Rafflecopter widget below to see the options. You will also see the terms and conditions below as well as all of the blogs taking part – please do take a moment to visit them to show your support to them. Bloggers Taking Part Here is…

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    What to Know About Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

    Suppose you are interested in “going green” and saving the planet. In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) to invest your monies in socially responsible corporations and industries. How you manage and invest your money is important to you and your family, it can also impact the environment, people and even society. What is Socially Responsible Investing? Investing your money in an ethical, socially conscious way means placing it in investment vehicles that earn you money and do something positive for others and the environment. Ethical or socially responsible investing usually involves placing your money with companies that use environmentally friendly…

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    Eco Tips,  Lifestyle

    Cutting Back on the Use of Paper Products

    Paper products are used all the time in our society, which means more trees are being cut down to keep up with that demand. Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper a year, about 680 pounds per person. The trees needed to produce this paper live off the carbon dioxide in the air we breathe. As their numbers are depleted, more carbon dioxide will remain in the oxygen we breathe. There are many ways to cut back on paper both at home and at work. Keep reading to find some helpful tips to reduce your paper usage. Stop receiving junk mail If you get a ton of junk mail each week,…

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    Eco Tips

    Tips for Lowering your Energy Bill

    Conserving energy is important for many reasons. Wise use of resources is important for preserving and protecting our environment. It’s also important for protecting your pocket from skyrocketing utility bills. It is estimated that in the UK energy bills will rise by over 50% in the next year. Thankfully, a few wise choices and small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in lowering your energy bill. Energy-Efficient Bulbs If you replace the light bulbs in your home with energy-efficient light bulbs, you can dramatically lower your electricity costs without any noticeable change in your lifestyle. In addition to lower utility bills, these light bulbs need to…

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    Vegan Mince Pies

    Since the middle ages, the humble mince pie has been a British Christmas staple, filled with a mixture of minced meat, chopped up fruit, and a preserving liquid such as kirsch. Mincemeat was initially a good way of preserving meat without salting, curing, smoking or drying it. Today’s mince pies bear little resemblance to the early versions. Still, as the recipes, methods and ingredients available have developed over the years, we have ended up with a tasty treat, made in the same way it has been for years.  Every year more vegan-friendly varieties are available in the supermarkets. Still, it is also effortless to make your own, and they are much…

  • eco-investing

    Going Green: Eco-Investing for the Average Investor

    Eco-investing attempts to profit from the transition from carbon-consuming energy systems to those that rely on renewable or carbon-neutral sources of energy. It also includes the investment in companies that provide environmentally friendly products or services. The terms green investing, eco-investing and socially responsible investing are often used interchangeably. Eco-investing or green investing is a subcategory of socially responsible investing. There are multiple eco-investing sectors: Eco Living Companies in this sector provide services and goods related to healthy living. This includes items related to health care, organic farming, and ecologically sound pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers. If you have an interest in green farming, this sector might be a great fit.…

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    Cut Emissions And Save Money With A Hybrid Car

    Hybrid cars rely on an electric engine as well as a conventional engine. If the car is running at low speeds, it switches to electric mode and stops burning petrol. Because they run on electricity as well as conventional fuel, hybrid cars only release a fraction of the emissions do that normal cars do. For example, the Toyota Prius has emissions of about 104.00 g/km, much lower than conventional cars and lower than a lot of other hybrids too. A hybrid car will struggle to match the raw power of a conventional vehicle. However, performance isn’t bad either with many small hybrids posting around 150bhp beneath the bonnet which should…

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    Eco Tips

    Top Tips For Conserving Water

    Some of us live in areas where we get plenty of rain all year round, maybe even too much. However, in other areas water supplies can run low quickly, especially in summer. It is everyone’s responsibility to conserve this essential natural resource when we can. And even if we are a little careful with our water usage habits, we can make a big difference. Here is some advice on how you can conserve water around the home.   In the kitchen See if you can redirect wastewater from the kitchen sink to the garden. Also, use a bowl when washing dishes so you don’t just leave the tap running. If…

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    Home & Garden

    Eco Friendly Cleaning – Good for the Planet and your Wallet

    Eco-friendly cleaning – what is it and why would you want to try it? Bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, window cleaner, sink cleaner, and more… most of us have at least one cupboard filled with cleaning supplies that we paid good money for. Not only are these chemicals pricey, but also they’re highly toxic to us and the environment! There is a better way… Here are some ways you can go green while cleaning: Use green cleaning products. Your first step should be to use green cleaning products instead of traditional products that contain harsh chemicals. These products are better for your own health as well as the environment. This is…

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    Practical Ways Anyone Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

    Everyone knows they should care more about the environment, but most people believe it’s just not worth the time and trouble. Furthermore, it’s common to believe that one person making a change isn’t going to matter. If you hold these beliefs, think again. You might not be in a position to change the behaviour of millions of people, but you can take responsibility for your own actions and do your part. You can also influence others around you. Use these easy strategies and do your part to support the environment: Avoid wasting water The total amount of water in the world is constant. However, the amount of fresh water in…